REVIVAL Facial Spray

REVIVAL Facial Spray

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A soothing, hydrating toning spray

Our Lemongrass & Aloe facial spray, "Revival",  is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that helps enhance the skin's firmness and helps maintain a youthful glow. It hydrates, conditions, and protects the skin in addition to minimizing oiliness and the appearance of pores. 

Besides serving as a refresher spray, this facial spray makes for a great makeup primer and setting spray for a long-lasting, smooth, finish. 

Ingredients: Lemongrass Extract, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, and Essential Oils.

How to use: With eyes closed, hold bottle 4-5 inches from the face and mist the Eleu Beauty REVIVAL Facial Spray all over face and neck after cleansing. Can also be applied before or after makeup (setting spray), or anytime throughout the day for a quick burst of hydration.

*Beauty Tip- Store in refrigerator for an extra, refreshing boost.*